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note.gif "Brooklyn Roads"
By Niel Diamond

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Bay Ridge
New York, N.Y.

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Just starting
A place to store photographs taken by Gene during his visits to Brooklyn.



In And Around Brooklyn

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Here are a couple of the pictures of the pier. There are NO bollards to tie up to on the pier. It is permanently fenced all around. There are two structures on the south side of the pier which are for tying up but a special gangway (brow for the Navy types) is required. The bollards in the picture are to keep cars off the pier.
69th_st_pier1_14_jul_00_nl.jpg     69th_st_pier2_14_jul_00_nl.jpg     69th_st_pier3_14_jul_00_nl.jpg
69th_st_pier2_17_jul_00_nl.jpg     69th_st_pier3_17_jul_00_nl.jpg     69th_st_pier4_17_jul_00_nl.jpg
69th_st_pier4_14_jul_00_nl.jpg     bell_tel_man_hole_14_jul_00_nl.jpg     brklyn_edison_mh_14_jul_00_nl.jpg
con_edison_co_mh_16_jul_00_nl.jpg     con_edison_mh_16_jul_00_nl.jpg     nyc_electrical_mh_16_jul_00_nl.jpg
Here are a couple of sewer pictures but I don't see anything special about them except they are old.
dws_man_hole_14_jul_00_nl.jpg     electric_co_man_hole_14_jul_00_nl.jpg     nyc_sewer_mh_16_jul_00_nl.jpg
69th_st_pier1_17_jul_00_nl.jpg     b_e_co_mh_16_jul_00_nl.jpg     wsny_mh_16_jul_00_nl.jpg
Map of Brooklyn
Map of the Narrows

Forgotten, overlooked and ancient sights of New York City...
A very interesting site covering almost everything we never noticed.

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